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When we want to write a web crawler,we often debug web applications/pages with Fiddler,then coding with python.But writing the similar code is boring and the waste of time.So I decide to develop a Fiddler extension to solve it.

We can find the solution on Fiddler Extension – Request to Code,but it’s not an open source project,we can’t extend it.

But there isn’t any document aboutHow to develop a Fiddler extension step by step,the only document maybe help is:

Now that Fiddler extentions work as DLLs and wrtien by C#,so just follow the docs.

(1)using and add descriptions:

(2) createReq2Code  extend  IFiddlerExtension ,then add custom  TabPage on the Fiddler view:

(3) add drag and drop handlers,so we can drag from the fiddler session list,and drop to the extension to generate python code:

(4) we needselectALL :

how can we know the Fiddler APIs and call the methods?

It’s the first time I write C# code,so I went the wrong way by:

but I finally find the simplest way: import Fiddler.exe to visual studio,than we can see all interface,methods and properties



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